Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Video: Bernie Williams on Players’ Perception of the Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry

Bernie Williams was in the Big Apple yesterday promoting Mastercard’s Priceless NYC campaign.

During lunch, he sat with a group of bloggers that included yours truly, Bronx Banter, The OCD Chick, River Ave. Blues, Bleacher Report and Bro Bible.

Bernie offered candied anecdotes, on, among other things: the contrasting managerial styles of Buck Showalter & Joe Torre; his early years stepping in to replace the popular (injured) Roberto Kelly; the roles Maas, Stankiewicz and the like played in paving the way for him, Jorge, Jeter and Mo; his music career; and, of course, Yankees-Red Sox.

Asked whether he and his teammates recognized and bought into the rivalry or whether it was simply a product of the media and fan bases, Williams acknowledges there “was something going on between players,” crediting Pedro Martinez as the lightning rod that sparked it, and laughing, “It wasn’t pretty.”

Here’s his response...

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