Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Olympian Robbed of Medal - Literally

USA Water Polo 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist Merrill Moses suffered a major loss out of the pool this past holiday season when his prized possession, the Silver Medal from the Olympic Games in Bejing was stolen. Along with several other family valuables including an Olympic ring, his Pepperdine 1997 NCAA title ring, and much of his mother's jewelry, Moses and his family are on the hunt to find their lost valuables. The heist occurred over the holidays when Moses was with family on vacation to propose to his now fiance. Sports Illustrated's Brian Cazeneuve has joined the hunt with his latest column. If you happen to come across this very specific medal, a 2008 Olympic Silver Medal engraved with water polo and #1 on it, please contact USA Water Polo at www.usawaterpolo.org or via twitter at twitter.com/usawp.

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