Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bitter Steeler Fans Want to Sue Super Bowl

Actually, I can't blame fans for being pissed about the ticketing fiasco. It's pretty bush league what happened to them, especially those who were fans of the teams playing.

That said, the NFL, to its credit is going out of its way to minimize the fallout.

Don't try and sell that BS to Matthew Rush.

From CNN.com:

Matthew Rush, 40, a Steelers fan originally from Pittsburgh, was one of the 400 or so fans left without a seat Sunday night. After spending the whole day being moved around to different parts of the stadium while officials tried to accommodate them, Rush and the others were eventually moved to a glassed-in bar just below field level where they could watch the game on television monitors, he said.

What view they had of the field was obscured by those standing on the sidelines, he said.

"It was happening 300 feet in front of us, but (it was as though) we weren't there," Rush told CNN on his way back from Dallas on Tuesday.

After halftime, Rush said, he and others were so frustrated that they left the stadium, and he watched the remainder from his hotel room.

Rush said he spent a total of about $5,000 to attend the Super Bowl with his wife. He spent $800 per ticket, which he purchased through the Steelers' season-ticket-holder lottery.

The NFL promised to give free tickets to next year's Super Bowl and a refund of triple the cost of the $800 face value of the ticket to the 400 fans denied seats on Sunday, but Rush said that doesn't make up for the anger, frustration, and disappointment he still feels at missing his beloved Steelers at the big game.
Based on the bare bones SueSuperBowl.com website that is championing the cause, Mr. Rush can use all the cash money he can get his hands on.

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