Monday, February 7, 2011

Commercial CRitic: Athletes a No Show for Super Bowl

Commercials. No Jordan, no Bird, not even Peyton or Brees during the NFL Network commercial. Athletes pockets are empty this Super Bowl as the endorsement deals went elsewhere.

I was anticipating a long night squirreling together a blog post as the resident commercial critic, but I get to hit the sack early tonight.

Hollywood dominated the commercial space digging into Stan Lee's waste basket to find a blockbuster. Eminem's anti-endorsement mantra snags him two deals eclipsing the entire rosters of the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL combined.

Unless A-Rod was actually previewing a Rom-Com with Cameron Diaz about popcorn, commercial execs are wildly throwing their money at a new approach that leaves athletes having to actually be good at their sport to earn a paycheck.

And yes, I did see Danica Patrick. Enough said.

-Commercial CRitic, CR Dunbar

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