Monday, March 28, 2011

The Cynic's Guide to...Fishing?

Recently, I came across an article talking about how outdoors superstore Cabela’s, which is headquartered in Sidney, NE, had given a custom made $62,000 bass boat to the University of Nebraska bass fishing team.


My first reaction was, “Dang, that’s a nice boat.” But it was followed closely by my second reaction, “Wait, what? There’s a college bass fishing team?”

So I did some research and found that, yes, there are now entire college bass fishing leagues. I’ve found at least two national-level competition leagues—one simply called “College Bass U” and another known as the more verbose “BoatU.S. Collegiate Bass Fishing Championshp Series.” Sure, it’s not an NCAA-sanctioned sport (I'm pretty sure either Title IX or the BCS is to blame), but who cares? Imagine how different my college experience would have been. Sure, my GPA would have dropped considerably, and my blood alcohol content would have probably gone up a little bit. But how cool would it have been to put “First-Team All-American Largemouth Fisherman” on my resume? Besides, which looks cooler hanging on a wall: a Phi Beta Kappa Key or an 8 pound bass? And the bass definitely tastes better (don't ask me how I know--just trust me on this one).

The water in my part of the country is warming up nicely. So maybe it’s time to grab my rod (uh, wait, that didn’t come out right), fill the cooler and head to the lake to wonder-what-might-have-been in my college days. Now how do I get Cabela's to sponsor me?

-Wes the Cynic

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