Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yinzers Take Excuses, Belly-Aching to Facebook

Before Pitt's Gilbert Brown shot his free throws following a foul called with 1.4 seconds left in the game, Butler's Shelvin Mack made some chit chat with Brown. According to Mack academics, not basketball was on his mind: "I asked him where he was from, simple questions, talked to him a little bit, he responded back," Mack said. "There was no trash talk or anything like that. Yeah, I told him I was from Lexington [Ky.]. I had a 3.0 [GPA], just stuff like that."

After the game's end, Facebook chatter in Pittsburgh was quite different. Pitt fans seemingly forgot that their team had a shot clock violation, gave up a lay-up, and then missed a free throw for the win win. Indeed we now know that refs may call a foul with 1.4 seconds left, but not with 0.8 left.

Yinzers took to Facebook immediately after the game to complain about Pitt being robbed, much to the delight of many commenters.

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