Friday, May 6, 2011

The Few, The Proud, The Derby Contenders

The Kentucky Stampede is more confusing than a military debrief from the Obama Administration. All that can be guaranteed in the end is that there will be a lot of excitement and someone fighting in the trenches is coming out a hero.

Prognosticating any horse race means sifting out the boot camp flunkouts from the Navy SEAL Team 6s.

Peering in from my Situation Room, here is who I see as the elite:

- Archarcharch - He could be the strongest soldier in the bunch. Unfortunately, being the strongest, sometimes you are placed in uncomfortable positions, meaning you will not see the glory. Archarcharch is in a similar position running from post one. He will really need to grind it out to become America's focus.
- Dialed In - He is the pretty boy, all-state quarterback turned soldier. He will let everyone else do the dirty work and come in at the end to clean it up and take the credit. Look for him to try and make a long move to steal the praise and eventually the girls.
- Pants on Fire - the gritty old vet. Has the most experience in the bunch, but will that be what takes him to the front of field to pop a cap in this race?
- Soldat - He is a specialist. He has the talent to produce on the field of battle, but in the right sloppy environment, look for him in the limelight.
- Nehro - He is another one that wants to sweep in at the end. He has played the second fiddle to other players. Now he wants to take command and take the money shot.
- Animal Kingdom and Twinspired - might be the assassins that nobody sees. They train well and when the opportunity strikes, they may take it.
- Mucho Macho Man - young guy with the talent. Might not know any better and take this from the other members of the squad.

After the smoke has cleared, pictures have been taken and everyone is waiting to see the replay, the one that hit America’s number one target will be Mucho Macho Man. I really want to take Archarcharch here, but he is going to take a hit when the propellers crash into him at the starting gate. Also, look for camouflaged Soldat if conditions are muddy.

Betting strategy: Skip the exotics. Make your best educated guess, commit, and hope he is in the bunker, I mean reaches the finish line. Mine are Mucho Macho Man (13) and Archarcharch (1).

- posted by CR Dunbar

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