Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rusty Reckons: Consistent Inconsistency

Over the years I've waxed poetic about NASCAR's bizarre rationale behind issuing penalties. The only consistency appears to be inconsistency. I mean in what world does saying a dirty word warrant a points deduction and arguably the lost of the championship, but using your car as a weapon only gets the amorphous "probation." As far as Rusty is concerned that makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.

Yesterday, NASCAR ruled from on high about the recent fracas between Kyle "Shrub" Busch and car owner Richard Childress. You see, Childress is a man of principle. He doesn't take too kindly to some rascal from out west getting Johnny Ringo crazy and wrecking his race cars. After the recent dust-up between Shrub and Childress's flagship driver, Kevin "Happy" Harvick, NASCAR put Busch on probation, and Childress issued a very clear directive, "do it again, and I'm going to whup ya!"

Well, this past weekend, the Shrub was back at it again, putting his fender where it don't belong. This time it was after the race and in the Truck series (the trucks are like the 3rd tier series of NASCAR). So, Childress threw Kyle into a headlock and delivered his punishment. So, you'd think that using a truck like a weapon while on probation from another such incident would warrant a violation of said probation, right? NOPE!

NASCAR said Kyle was blameless. Big old meany Childress attacked him unprovoked. Instead of dealing with the one who time and again seems to be at the center of these issues, NASCAR laid one heck of a beat down on Childress for sticking to his guns, and doing what Shrub's daddy should have done a long time ago . . . give him an old trip to the wood shed!

Make sense to y'all? Me neither.

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