Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 33

Justin Upton at just 23 and with 2 MLB All-Star Game selections under his belt is known throughout baseball as a five-tool player. Add a sixth tool to the Arizona Diamondback's repertoire. The kid is media savvy.

While I through in the obligatory softballs, Upton maneuvered his way smoothly around any opportunity to take shots at Brewers slugger Prince Fielder and nicely avoided the landmine question about political protests in the host state:

The game of baseball can do wonders for communities...Obviously, the protesters feel like this is there time to shine, but it hasn't dampened anything for me. The fans are still out. The fans are still having a great time. It's a great experience for our fans here in Arizona to have this type of energy in your city and to do things for the game of baseball like helping the community. It hasn't dampened anything for me because you see the smiles on the faces of people.

Upton goes on to talk about his goals as a player and a team, and also what it would take for him as a player to stick with the DBacks throughout his career:
If we can get a nice fanbase here and have people jump on and be DBacks fans, I'd love to play here the rest of my career.

Listen to the full interview below. And check out Pepsi Max's Field of Dream promotion here.

Blogs With Balls Radio Episode 33 by Blogs with Balls

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