Thursday, July 21, 2011

Craig James is a Texan for a Better America

Yes, that Craig James. And he's formed a political action committee, "Texans for a Better America."

When we prodded our friends in DC about the below video (straight outta the conservative Texan playbook: "American exceptionalism" / "Texas should lead the way in restoring our shared American values"), we were told that rumor has it is going to run for TX Lt. Governor if current LG David Dewhurst gets nominated for Senate.

"Texans for a Better America is about reconnecting people with the values, ideas, and founding principles that have not only made Texas the envy of our nation, but would transform our country. We hope you'll join in this essential conversation to engage, learn and share the values that guide and ideas that transform."

EDSBS: Craig James for Sensitive

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