Friday, July 8, 2011

Joba Talks Jeter, Cano, Surgery and #PricelessNY

We sent high school baseball coach, Yankee fanatic and first-time correspondent Eddie Z. to Yankee Stadium last night to hang out with pitcher Joba Chamberlain and celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez at the Mastercard Batter's Eye Cafe at Yankee Stadium to learn about MC's PricelessNY campaign and in hopes of catching Derek Jeter's 3000th hit. Jeter fell 2 short of the milestone, but that didn't damper the experience.


We were ushered into a small conference room for the Mastercard presentation, "Priceless New York." There were about 30 people there, sports bloggers and food bloggers, few friends, PR people and Mastercard people. This is their new promotion for cardholders offering unique experiences in different cities around the world.

We were treated to one of the experiences for New York: Batting practice entry to the stadium, The Batter's Eye Café, some schwag, endless buffet (beer included), seats above the batter's eye, some time with a random Yankee (Joba in this case) and food prepared by Aaron Sanchez. If you know the Stadium at all, these seats are located above the tinted windows in dead center field. The windows are the Mohegan Sun Lounge, the view is sick.

The entire place stood for all of Jeter's at bats and I really got the feeling that half the crowd was there just for that. He lined a double on the 1st pitch of the game, I think everyone in the place thought he had it locked up tonight. This game can be best described as a throw away game in the middle of July, neither team really looked like they gave a crap, the Rays were up 5-0 in the 5th and I think if not for the 3,000 everyone would have left then. As it was, he got an AB in the 9th, so people stuck around. Otherwise, this was truly one of the most boring games I have ever been too...ever.

Joba was a very cool dude. Just before I got to him, he was yelling down from where we were to a few of the guys shagging flys during BP complaining about the heat. I think they were making fun of him sweating a lot, couldn't get the camera out quick enough to record.

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