Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Give Me Five (It's Safer Than a Hug)

Moments ago, on the day we published our 500th post, a reader from Madison, Wisconsin became our 50,000th visitor. We thank him, along with the other 49,999 of you who have blessed our homely little blog with your presence over the past 6 months.

Of course, we also thank Jimmy Traina for directing said Cheesehead to our online home, as well as the love we've received from Brooks, Epic Carnival, Awful Announcing, With Leather, Bugs and Cranks, The Big Lead, Dayn Perry and all the other major referral sites we someday aspire to be. Not to mention our friends at Going Five Hole, Pop Jocks, SVP Style, Obscure Sports Quarterly, Stu Scott's Lazy Eye, Blog of Hilarity, The Sports Hernia, The Sports Kolache and all the others we've listed under "Those We Embrace," as well as those who have, more often than not, given us crap at BallHype and Yardbarker.

We hope you've enjoyed reading as much as we've enjoyed posting.

This thumbs up is for you...

You're all Top Guns in our book.


The Sports Hernia said...

Congrats, nice work fellas

BOHChris said...

I think it's because of your site name. Everyone loves hugs from large black gentlemen.

Congrats guys.