Thursday, January 24, 2008

Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined

Hooters celebrates 25 years of ripping men off, by giving back to customers.

25 years ago, a couple businessmen decided that what Clearwater, FL needed to fill the void left when the Phillies headed north after spring training was a restaurant-bar with mediocre food and lots of women in tight, little, orange, hot-pant shorts to serve the hard-luck men patronizing the place. Oh yeah, and to name the restaurant shrewdly after a certain feature of the female anatomy, that could also be turned into a cleverly marketable owl mascot.

Today, that one establishment in Clearwater, ex-employer to the ex-Mrs. Darren Daulton, turned itself into a proven commodity with over 435 restaurants across the globe.

On Friday, Hooters kicks off its 25th Birthday.

Says Mike McNeil, Vice President of Marketing for Hooters of America, "Since our humble beginning, Hooters has had many great moments along the way and also a few tears. We have been defined by championships, charity, marches and media coverage. The Hooters Owl has been seen on potato chips, race cars, casinos, credit cards and calendars. This year Hooters will top $1 Billion in sales with close to $40 million of that in Hooters logo merchandise. At 25, Hooters stands as a leader, not only in the restaurant industry, but also as an icon of popular culture."

Help Hooters celebrate. If you need some enticing, they will have a $25,000 giveaway on the 25th of every month this year (among other prizes). It's the least they can do for ripping horny and/or delusional guys too cheap or too ashamed to hit up strip clubs for all these years.

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