Friday, January 25, 2008

ESPN and Jesus Approved Basketball Game

In obscure sports bars across the country, the old and young alike will gather for the big rivalry game. The Hope College Flying Dutchmen and Calvin College Knights men's basketball teams have battled each other for 88 years with the series currently tied at 83 apiece.
The rivalry has gained national prominence over the past few years. ESPN ranked it as the fourth greatest college basketball rivalry, and it dominated a national online poll for the fiercest rivalry (I am sure it was scientific and had no margin of error).

These two schools hate each other as much as the Bible allows them to. Separated by about 35 miles in west Michigan, the Division III colleges are populated by Dutch Americans and sprung from a division in the Reformed Church in America.

This isn't just about sports Duke/North Carolina Louisville/Kentucky, this is rooted in religion. Judiasm vs. Islam type stuff.

If you are out on Saturday afternoon, here are a few signs that you have stumbled into a bar showing the game:
  • Room divided in two by pairs of maroon and orange wooden shoes.
  • Old men wearing maroon sweaters with an Alvin and the Chipmunks-like giant "C" on them.
  • On TV, 10 white boys with heights ranging from 6'2" to 6'6" playing basketball.
  • Jokes about Jesus loving a particular team best after a 3 pointer.
  • Groups dividing the check between each other to the penny.
  • Pitchers of water.
  • Angry waitresses that just received an exact 15% tip from a large group.
  • "Fudge" and "Shoots"
  • Children running around with parents younger than you.
  • Hope fans whining about everything.

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