Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun Down Under

Each Hugger has their "sport" (if you can call Ariel's infatuation with reality tv a sport) and it is my turn to reveal mine to you, the loyal readers.

"Hello...My name is Woody...and I love tennis." What, you were expecting dodgeball??

Thus, while many fans are saddened that football is nearing its final weekend and others can only look forward to the next baseball season, my nine months of excitement are just kicking off in the land down-under. The fans attending the Australian Open - generally the most relaxed of the Grand Slams - were treated to the comedic stylings (and stellar impersonation skills) of Serbian player Novak Djokovic earlier this week.

And, as he moves on to the third round, his tennis game isn't half bad either!

(Note: the impersonation begins about 2 minutes into the clip)

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