Monday, January 28, 2008

Running Up The Score

(Photo: AP/Chris Park)
How's about an 8-shot victory to start the year for 'ya?

If Tiger's performance at Torrey Pines is any portent of things to come, the rest of the Tour will simply be playing for second-place checks from here on out.

Lesser players (read: everyone else) would have been entirely consumed by Golf Channel analyst Kelly Tilghman's unfortunate utterance of the word "lynch" and the whole ridiculous media circus that provided the media backdrop for this week's Buick Invitational.

Good thing for his corporate partners at Buick, Tiger is not one of those lesser players. It's quite an understatement to say it, but he completely owned Torrey Pines this week.

In gusty and sometimes wet conditions, he bombed the ball off the tee while keeping it in the fairway, hit a variety of cut, fade and draw approaches that dropped-and-stopped on the pin, his short game was ridiculously good as always, and he holed cross-green putts routinely that the rest of us would have less than a 1-in-50 shot of making.

Tiger will return to Torrey Pines later this summer when the course hosts this year's U.S. Open. Considering how Tiger played this week, I'm more likely to believe that he actually drives a Buick Enclave than someone else will win the Open this year.

Must be a fun time to be a talented Tour Pro and know going into a tournament that you have no shot of winning.

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JC said...

Dude is probably the most focused athlete of all time.