Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Bowl Ads

It has become the worst, long-standing joke during the NFL playoffs over the years. The clever little line by your best gal or co-worker about looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday to see the wonderfully cleaver, and outlandishly expensive, ads that are debuted.

While amusing, yes, many of us still tune in for the Big Game itself.

Who am I kidding? As a bitter Eagles fan having to tune in to watch a shitty division rival and the team that ruined our aspirations and prolonged our championship drought a couple of years back, all I care about is the commercials.

For all those as indifferent to this game as I am, see this site sent to us by a reader - SuperBowl-ads.com - for "News, Reviews & History" of Super Bowl commercials of yesteryear.

Be sure to check out a sober (debatable) Joe Willie getting "creamed."

I want to kiss you.

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