Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What In Allah's Name is This All About?

WUSA9.com: High School Track Star Alleges Religious Discrimination

For three years, Gatorade's DC Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year "has worn a custom made suit that covers her head and neck as required by her faith." Now she says she's the victim of religious discrimination. We have to agree.

Officials at the Montgomery Invitational track meet told Juashaunna Kelly she had to remove her Muslim head covering if she wanted to compete.

Officials contend, rather, that it's simply the case that "association rules require undergarments be one single solid color." This justification is a little more palatable (baseball pitchers often face the same restrictions). But the problem is that in baseball this poses a relevant issue towards opposing batters seeing the pitch come at them. In an individual sport like track and field where people can get away with wearing stuff like this, where does the problem lie? If anything, Kelly is at a disadvantage with the extra drag.

Amateur athletes are allowed to get away with wearing irrelevant things like these and these, but a Muslim female has uniform restrictions. Doesn't make sense to me. Let her run.

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biomatron said...

Well assuming that she wasn't invovled with a religious track association, I would hope that the league in which she competes is secular. I imagine that another athlete wearing a large cross would have to remove it due to safty hazards, just as a jewish athlete would have to remove thier yamaka due to clothing regulations. It's ignorant and just plain stupid to asumme that this situation is a case of religious discrimination. It's also a fallacious argument to say that just because she has worn her face mask before without conflict she shouldn't have to worry about it in the future. Honestly, if staying true to her religion is that important to her, maybe she should find a muslim track leage.