Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AC must stand for 'All Comers'

The AC Surf will do anything, or hire anyone, to boost attendance. First it was the 'refund your tolls' promotion to stick to Corzine and his toll rate increase.

This weeks move is a Managerial change. Manager/Pitcher Mitch Williams was the guy fans love to hate. He is now a part-owner and WIP personality. So they replaced him with a guy who is hated by even his own family.

From Philly Will Do:

The Atlantic City Surf's manager from last season is now a part-owner of the team, and so the team knew there was only one man who could lead the Surf to the championship: Cecil Fielder.
An obsessive gambler with a lifetime of debt has a job that's five minutes from about thirteen casinos?

Can you lose an entire minor league team playing craps?

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