Monday, February 18, 2008

A Bore to Lore!

Well, did y'all watch it? This year's Daytona 500 was one heck of a race. Hopefully you tuned in somewhere between lap 150 and lap 200, when I don't know if I sat down at all. But if you were unfortunate to tune into the first 150 laps, you might have been better off watching grass grow. What a bore the start of the race was . . .

The fun all started with a debris caution on lap 150 if you can believe it. And then the old adage "cautions breed cautions" took full effect. Through lap 150, there was 1 caution. In the last 50 laps of the race, there were six!

And every time the yellow flag flew, it seemed like there was something crazy happening. From the defending champion wrecking on the back stretch to JR's inexplicable decision to stay out not just once, but twice, it was bonified insanity.

With a belly full of hot wings and cheese fries, I spent the last hour or so of the race, hooting and a hollering at the TV with Payne and the idiot. We had "the box" set-up so that we could avoid jumping on (and destroying) the coffee table when one of our boys had to maneuver through a wreck. I would recommend this to any sports fans prone to jumping on furniture in moments of sheer panic or excitement. Unlike the Amp energy drink (sorry June-bug), this proved to a brilliant idea for the afternoon.

In the end my boy didn't win, but he did come away with a top 10, and leaves Daytona 8th in points. Not a bad showing to begin the HMS era. And while Smoke came up short yet again in the 500, I'm just glad that no talent clown teammate of his didn't win. Just like TLC said, "I don't want no shrub" (or something like that).

I'd rank this year's 500 at about an 8.5. Wasn't as exciting a finish as last year or 2004, but the last 50 laps kept me on my feet.

Next Week: Off to California, a 2 mile intermediate track that in the past hasn't given us near the excitement of Daytona. Handling will be important, but this track is more about speed and endurance. Like this past week, this will be the first race with the newly designed COT at this track. Hopefully it'll give us some exciting side by side racing once again.

Y'all come back now, hear?

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