Sunday, February 17, 2008

What the hell is a Kimbo Slice?

This is Kimbo Slice. I just found out about him today by reading his fight recap against Tank Abbott by our buddy Eric G over at The Camel Clutch.

I am interested in the man for two reasons. First, he knocked out Abbott in 43 seconds. I've hated Abbott since his 'wrestling is fake' WCW days where he claimed to be a tough SOB while getting paid to dance with a boy band and lose to David Arquette.

The second reason is because this man scares the shit out of me. He is the guy who chases you in a nightmare where you can't seem to run fast and no matter where you go he is right behind you. But for some reason this is a good thing for me. I've only been scared of one other person on this level. I was ten years old and the guy's name was Mike Tyson. He knocked people out in less than a minute. I'd watch every one of his fights on HBO with my dad and we'd cheer as Tyson hit people so hard their knees would buckle. I could never fall asleep after his fights. I don't know if it was adrenaline from the boxing or because my dreams after a Tyson fight involved him punching me until my head fell off. After Tyson finally lost to Buster Douglas I never watched another professional fight again. He wasn't someone to be scared of anymore.

I've slowly been paying more attention to MMA with it's increased TV exposure and mainstream marketing of some of it's top stars. The only sticking point for me was that ever competitor seemed almost the same. They were the guy at the bar who was praying someone spilled a drink on them.

Then I saw this monster and changed my mind. He looks like he enjoys pain. He might chew on thumbtacks for giggles. It wouldn't surprise me if he purposely dropped weights on his foot to toughen himself up. I am positive he eats midgets.

Kimbo Slice has me interested in MMA now. I might never sleep again.

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Sporta said...

I'm rooting for Kimbo every step of the way in his MMA career, but I'm not getting my hopes up until he goes the distance. In the one "streetfight" he lost, it was due to exhaustion since the fight dragged out for so long.

So I want to see him face a stronger challenge, possibly with some ground work.