Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ariel Dances with the Stars

I think this is Edyta's year.

Finally. My girl crush has a chance. And anyone (male or female) who doesn't think she has the best body ever, well, I don't know.... are you blind? Anyways...

She and Jason Taylor danced the beautiful Viennese Waltz and did a mighty fine job. It's funny, they should like a 90 sec package before each dance of the rehearsals the couple endured leading to the show. Taylor acts very boyish, sniffing his pits, cracking jokes, etc., but when he dances all 6'6" of him moves with natural grace and fluidity... it's hard to think of him as a football player.

I loved both Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith when they appeared on the show, and while both had rhythm and could dance, neither displayed the elegance of Taylor.

He and Kristi Yamaguci will take it to the end. I just think this show benefits athletes more so than even those in show business - actors/actresses, singers, etc. They understand the endurance and perserverance it takes to be at the top of their game, and really do put forth 110% when performing.

Both of these two will need to start making each dance a bit different though - the judges said that while technically they are doing great, emotionally the dances all feel the same. Um, ok.

Next casualty - Adam Corolla. Just don't think prime time TV is ready for his brand of "humor." He'd do a lot better without the commentary at every judging. Go back to Loveline, now that was good TV.

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