Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ESPN reaches agreement with our namesake

Thanks to Awful Announcing for the tip...

BRISTOL, Conn. — ESPN says a settlement has been reached in the lawsuit filed by former baseball analyst Harold Reynolds over his firing. Reynolds sued the sports network for at least $5 million in October 2006, three months after he was fired. He claimed he was wrongly fired after a female intern complained about what he called a “brief and innocuous” hug. Reynolds played 12 seasons in the major leagues and worked at the network for 11 years. Terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. An ESPN spokesman says the suit was settled last week in Hartford Superior Court.

This is good news. Harold can finally get a real job and real exposure (Fox?). It means he probably was innocent after all. It also means he can discuss the whole incident.

So, I am putting it out there on behalf of everyone here at Hugging Harold Reynolds. I hold in my hand a cashier's check for $75.34. (Hey, we do this blog for free, we ain't got a broadcasting company.) It's already made out to Harold Reynolds (ignore the word Hugging crossed out--force of habit). All you have to do is come on HHR and discuss everything with us. We will hand you the entire check. You probably paid more for the bar tab that night at the restaurant (most of it Kruker sucking down wings and shots of drawn butter) when the alleged hugging went down.

So, mull it over. Take your time. We aren't going anywhere.

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