Monday, April 21, 2008

Rusty Rides: Barreling down the Brickyard

Ladies and Gentlemen, this past weekend, I got one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I got the opportunity to strap into a real race car and go roaring down a race track. The opportunity afforded itself at one of the most famous tracks in the world, The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, aka the Brickyard.

For a nominal fee, myself and a fellow race enthusiast from the hills of West Virginia signed away our lives and got to experience 170 mph in 13 degrees of banking in a real NASCAR stock car.

Let me tell you what, you think these cars look fast on TV, you think they look fast from the grandstands? You haven't seen anything until you are strapped in heading towards turn one at break-neck speed. When the driver mashes the gas out of pit lane, the speed throws you back against the carbon fiber seat. Then as the car begins to climb the banking, the G's push your body down and into the foam roll bar padding. The exhilaration reaches its zenith as you accelerate out of the corner and onto the back stretch. The engine roars, and the G forces make it feel like the bottom of a huge roller coaster hill.

For 3 long laps I got to experience a part of what the boys of NASCAR do for a living. It's an experience of a lifetime, and I highly recommend it to anyone else, NASCAR fan or not!

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