Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bonnie Richardson is badass

Check this chick for the Clear, the Cream, and a penis.

Richardson, only one from school to qualify for state, wins track team title

Bonnie Richardson ran. She threw. She jumped. And when it was time to hand out the team trophies, Richardson accepted the 1A team championship for Rochelle High School -- by herself. Bonnie Richardson of Rochelle High School scored 42 team points to win the Texas 1A track title.

Richardson won the high jump, placed second in the long jump, was third in the discus, won the 200 meters, and finished second in the 100 meters to defending champion.

Fine, Richardson, you win. But I bet the other teams had better after-parties.

Applebees. Table for one.


SolByanka said...

You're so moron, i never see that!! Why changing the real story, she is the only one who being selected in its school, oh of course, just because she's a girl, she cant do that, i'ts not possible, she possibly have a penis to do that!!

Stop blogging, is really not for you, you're just a liar and a sexist!!


the chief said...

we're so moron. agreed.

Keli said...

dude id like to see you do what she just achieved, I bet your ass is too big to run around that all you can do is sit in front of your computer thinking of parties your never gonna get invited to... which is quite irrelevant if you cant even beat a girl at running ^^, so yes not only are you a moron, a fatass loser too from what I'm reading.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Keli - we think it's terrible that you can be so degrading to us based solely on our physical appearance.