Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rusty's Raging at Richmond

It was a near picture perfect day. In 5 years, we've never had such good weather for the Virginia Gold Cup. So, there I was at the end of a good day watching a nearly snoozable race when it happened. The dominant leader began to fall back. There were only a handful of laps left. Junior battled for the lead and was out front. About 8 laps left, and then the worst thing . . . a caution!!!

He had begun to pull away from the Shrub, but now he'd be right back on his bumper. They would restart with just 5 laps to go.

4 laps to go and the Shrub was right up on his bumper coming out of 2 and going down the backstretch. Then it happened!!!!

That moron just wrecked my boy. The 88 went spinning down the backstretch smacking the wall hard. He'd rejoin the line in 16th with only 2 laps to go. It was over. The losing streak would continue another week. In the melee, Clint Bowyer got to the front and ended up with the win. Shrub finished 2nd, a very undeserving second.

Now, Junior says it was just a racing thing, and he doesn't seem mad at Kyle, but boy was he upset with what happened. I don't know any better than he does about what happened out there, but I do know this. Kyle needed extra security getting outta Richmond last night.

I understand it's a race, and everyone's just trying to win, but his checkers or wreckers style of driving needs to be corrected. My hope is that someone will correct him real quickly. Maybe this coming weekend at Darlington. The lady in black is a tough track to tame for a little nobody like the Shrub.

Ole Rusty will get over it, I reckon, but it's gonna be a tough pill to swallow. Seems my boy just can't catch a break.

Y'all come back now, hear?

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