Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy (or Dress Up Goats)

(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Reuters: "Gay rodeo undermines sexual stereotypes"
Philadelphia's gay community sought to dispel some sexual stereotypes when it held the city's first gay rodeo.

About 50 contestants roped steers, cracked whips, and wrestled cattle to the ground during the weekend in an attempt to prove to themselves - and the rest of the world - that they are just as capable of tackling a traditionally macho sport as their straight counterparts.
And with that, the normalcy ended.
Interspersed with familiar events like steer riding and calf roping were "goat dressing" - in which pairs of contestants try to put hot-pink underwear on the hind quarters of an uncooperative goat in the shortest time - and "steer decorating" in which one partner of a team has to tie a ribbon on the tail of a struggling steer while the other tries to hold on to its horns.
For more information on gay rodeos, see the International Gay Rodeo Association's Website.


Not said...

Pat Burrell Man or Machine photo, Manny Ramirez rubbing another man's hair, and now this.
This blog is getting bi-curious at the least.
And if my previous comment got eaten, I am reminded of Dale Gribble's dad with this post.
Dale Gribble > Bobby Hill

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

We embrace all types.