Thursday, June 12, 2008

Iron Ref

Welcome to Kitsch-en Stadium, and HHR's own IRON REF!

What is Iron Ref?

No it is not the result of some flamboyant Japanese fever dream. Instead, each week a theme is picked - and a selection of writers from sports blogtopia submits a short post with an example of a play, player, team, coach, announcer, season, or some sports-related moment that most appropriately/creatively conveys that week's theme (the secret ingredient).

It can be funny, heartfelt, serious, or crude - whatever the contestants decide. The three posts will be displayed together with any video or pictorial evidence they care to include (embeddable video is encouraged).

The winner will NOT be decided by some highbrow sports elite, but rather by YOU - the uninformed masses - in the comments.

This ongoing event was inspired by and received blessing from the great and awesome Iron Clef, which you should check out, you band dork.

This Week's Theme/Contest/Secret Ingredient


This Week's Competitors:

Lady Andrea is a recent law school grad who has decided not to practice law so as to hold on to the remaining pieces of her soul. She can be found on Ladies..., Bugs & Cranks and (starting next week) Zap 2 It. She enjoys all things Iowa Hawkeyes and St. Louis Cardinals, her mom's cooking, bad reality TV and winning at Trivial Pursuit. She does not enjoy whiners, the Cubs, Those Guys, and people who start ignoring their fantasy teams thus allowing their opponents to walk all over them and snatch victory from Andrea's hands.

Dewey Hammond is the managing editor of Yardbarker. Before his work with the Yard, Dewey's writing appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, a handful of magazines he'd rather not remember, and also Playboy. It was mostly ho-hum except for his interview with Terrell Owens, who during the Q&A proceeded to "out" Jeff Garcia. Dewey's proudest professional accomplishment is sworn to secrecy, but it involves Joey Chestnut. His favorite writer is Dennis Coles.

Chris Mottram is the editor of The Sporting Blog and co-editor of Mister Irrelevant. You probably know him better as the younger, less successful brother of Jamie Mottram. Or, as the guy who stalked a bunch of athletes and media members at the Super Bowl. He has been told on several occasions that the stalker posts are his best work ever, which he thinks is an apt description of his abilities as a writer, seeing as the stalker posts involved no words. Chris only communicates with other people via text messages or while drunk. His biggest pet peeves are Facebook and white people.

If you feel that you deserve a shot at an Iron Ref (we'll have a Hall of Fame soon enough) and other luminaries of sports blogging, Email HHR to participate.


Carolyn said...

I'm already biased - lived in Iowa City for 4 years and personally witnessed Hawkeye underwear mania.

LadyAndrea said...


Take that, Guys Who Blog at Way Bigger Places Than I Do.

Anonymous said...

Dewey gets my vote

George said...


George said...
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markod said...


Keisha said...

I'm going with Andrea on this one..

tommyr said...

dewey it is

Jess said...

Gotta go with Andrea

Marty said...

Dewey 100%

Anonymous said...

Andrea is the exact opposite of Jemele Hill. She has my vote.

Brock Samson said...