Monday, June 2, 2008

Tired of High Gas Prices? Blame NASCAR

So says Robert C. Lendzinski of Lawndale, PA in a Letter to the Editor of the Northeast Times.

"As gas prices soar over $4 a gallon this summer, a few individuals or groups of people need to be blamed," including the Bush Administration, store owners, oil companies, oil hungry Americans and NASCAR, says Lenszinski:
The second is a group of people, who many probably do not even think about: Race car drivers like NASCAR. They use the same gas we do. They have to put gas in the trucks that transport the race cars. If NASCAR did not exist, there would automatically be less demand for gas, and therefore more of a supply. And let’s not forget the fans that expend gas traveling to these events.

H/T: Philadelphia Will Do's DMac who must actually scower the Northeast Times Letters to the Editor.

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