Friday, July 11, 2008

Iron Ref Round 3 Winner

After close initial voting, DMtShooter pulls away at the end to be crowned HHR's third Iron Ref.

Very strong showing from each competitor. DMtShooter shocked everyone by digging deep and moving out of his Top-10 wheelhouse with an awesome display of cheapshottedness.

Well done all around. This competition gets stronger each week.

We have three interesting and diverse competitors lined up for next week. Look for their bios and the secret ingredient on Monday.

If you are interested in being a part of the contest, drop us a line. For those of you who have already expressed interest, sit tight. You'll be in the Stadium soon.

Remember, winners will return for a final showdown.

Hall of Fame

Week 1: Dewey Hammond
Week 2: Rob Iracane
Week 3: DMtShooter


World of Isaac said...

I request a recount...

DMT doesn't have that many friends

DMtShooter said...

When you've got this kind of talent, who needs friends? (I will finish with Kucinich-esque numbers in the finals.)