Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The New Mr. October


"Brewers Punch Ticket for October by Adding Sabathia"

Say it together: "C.C. Sah-BAYTH-e-yah"!

I love headlines like this. Makes me feel like they shouldn't even play the second half of the season.

After all, we are talking about THE Milwaukee Brewers here - not exactly a sterling case study in baseball success.

These are the same Brewers who blew a lead in a decidedly weaker division last year, fighting with each other in the dugout along the way. However, I suppose when the media starts hyperventilating about a pitcher with a subpar record, good things are bound to happen for your team, right? (See: Zito, Barry).

The Zito comparison notwithstanding, I seriously don't think adding C.C. can hurt the Brew Crew - I've checked the records and have confirmed that he throws a harder than 84 mph. So in the words of Longfellow, "If you want to crown 'em, then crown their ass."

But here's the reality: The Cubs are good, period. It pains me to write that, but it's true. They very well could and should win the division (although they will most certainly tank in the postseason - it's simply their nature). Plus, the Cards are not too far behind either - and they'll be adding two top of the line starters in the second half in Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter.

But that's what's fun about trades at the deadline - it gets people talking about otherwise sickly franchises in a way that is slightly detached from reality.

In some respects, however, I do have to say I'd love to watch-hear the nightmare of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver trying to call the sausage race at Miller Park during the World Series:

Buck: Rickie Weeks strikes out looking to end the sixth for Milwaukee ... as we head to the seventh, it's time for that great tradition here at Miller Park, the Sausage Race!

McCarver: Joe, sausages are a HUGE part of Wisconsin's heritage. That's why they call it the sausage race. Those are actually people down there - dressed up as sausages! And they'll run around the park, and the first one to finish is the winner!


Melissa said...

Been to a few Brewers games...the sausage race is the best part. Go brats! :-)

-Mel K.

Todd S. said...

And we all know how great C.C. (or sorry, CC) was in the playoffs for Cleveland last year.

Sorry, I'm already starting to hate the guy for leaving. C.C. you in hell ya freak.