Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Toast to Arnold Palmer

This has nothing to do with anything current, but it is a topic I have been looking to address for some time. As a grade schooler growing up when I thought of golf I thought of Arnold Palmer. He had video games named after hims, he had won a crapload of tournaments, he had the good looks, he had the pressed dockers, he had it all. He, along with a few others like Jack Nicklaus and Byron Nelson, was the game of golf.

Then in the late 90's this Tiger Woods guy comes along and just starts crushing the tour and loading up on trophies and basically dominating the game of golf. Now he has all the video games and the car commercials and the amazing wife, etc. Where does this leave Arnie? Arnie is retired now and, while he still is revered by those in the golf game, obviously Tiger has bumped him down the list of overall greats.

With that said, I may be alone on this but I think now with the emergence of Tiger, Arnold Palmer's greatest contribution to earth is not his golf game but rather the beverage he is known for creating, fittingly called "the Arnold Palmer."

For those not in the know this is a combination of iced tea and lemonade and is one of my most favorite drinks. I just feel like kicking my feet up on some hammock in the deep south as a steamboat rumbles by whenever I have a glass of AP. Many places and companies make it, but for my money nobody does it better than Arizona. I hope to some day star in an Arizona AP commercial with AP, perhaps as the golf announcer or something. You can also get the drink at golf courses and other places where people get dressed up just to eat lunch. Suffice to say, Chilis does not sell the AP, but consider my letter to them "in the mail."

Now I heard that Tiger tried to make a drink that was the AP with cranberry juice. First of all this is ridiculous, as a comic once said cranberry juice has been invading every other drink for a long time and needs to stop. I'm sure there is a political joke in there but just typing 'political' made me sleepy. Secondly, could we just back off Arnie here for a second and let the man have something. He obviously hit a goldmine when he stumbled upon this drink, and no offense to Tiger, but this is Arnold Palmer's time to shine once again. So here's to Arnold Palmer for making a great drink and finding a new outlet for his amazing talents after golf.

-posted by Cadillac Mescalade


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