Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wave Bye Bye, Smoke

Big news in the world of NASCAR today.

Smoke is leaving Gibbs and going to try and strike it out on his own. While it's official that Smoke is climbing out of the #20 Home Depot Toyota, it's still just speculation about what he'll be driving next. Rumors are that he's going over to Haas as a majority owner/driver. Even more rumors say he might be bringing ole Ryan "Rocket" Newman with him from Penske.

This is huge, y'all!!!! Tony was the leader of the pack at JGR, but 2 moves this past off-season have dealt a serious blow to that leadership post. First was the deal struck with Toyota. Smoke's a Chevy man, just like ole Rusty, and something tells me he just ain't diggin a Camry. Second reason is the Shrub. For whatever reason, and Rusty still ain't figured it out, the Shrub is a maniac this year, and I think it's taken some shine off of Tony. Denny is a hot young driver, but he still allowed Tony to bask in all his glory. Shrub just takes it away.

So, with Tony gone, where does that leave JGR? Apparently, Joey Logano, the next Jeff Gordon (HA!) is a shoe-in for the 20 car. He's a young kid, though. JGR would go from a team led by a 2 time champion veteran of the sport, to 2 guys who aren't old enough to buy a Budweiser. Scary thought if you ask me.

Well, whatever. I'm sure old Smoke will still make a good drafting partner for my boy June-bug no matter what team he's driving for.

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