Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dunbar's Olympic-sized Bits and Pieces

  • The olympics needs more Bella Karolyi. Already dropping bombs on gymnastics judges calling them corrupt. Can't you see him grabbing a judge by the scruff of the neck and waistband and give a him a bar toss.
  • I have decided the worst Olympian to be (so far) is the waterpolo player in the middle that can only be described as the "Dunkee." Go swim across the pool and proceed to get dunked for a few minutes. I blow chlorine out of my nose watching it.
  • I am tired of afternoon naps that start with and wake up to rowing. They need to trim the amount of sculls in the water in an Olympics. Better yet, it should be a viking warship race.
  • Instead of the media doing cute China culture pieces like how to use chopsticks, they should have a manscaping lesson with the diving team. Bare down there.
  • Why does Costas insist on harking about how he has had to walk from set to set? People walk every day, Bob. Usually without breaking a sweat or getting a cookie afterwards.
"Gimme a snickerdoodle, bitch."

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