Friday, August 22, 2008

Dunbar's Olympic Sized Bits and Pieces

  • The Chinese women divers are robots.
  • Baton passing in a relay race is as dribbling is to basketball as kicking is to soccer as serving is to tennis as meat is to a burger as pedaling is to biking as a number 2 pencil is to a standardized test. Charlie Brown says "augh" USA.
  • Weed makes you fast, eh mon? Can you imagine the track and field after party by the Jamaica section of the Olympic Village? They thought the smog was bad now.
  • Back when Spike TV only showed Cops reruns and sports accidents, I saw this grainy video of a judge taking a javelin to the throat. I have loved the sport since. My fingers are crossed for a hammer toss accident, so I have another reason to watch field events.

  • Right when you think you have a system to avoid spoiling the results so you can watch them, news agencies start breaking the stories at 2 pm (2 am Beijing time). Unavoidable if you are at a computer. What the hell?
  • Are the US men's track team wearing fake sailor outfits? I'm not going to quickly jump on the new track leadership for America's poor performance like the announcers. The uniform designers need to carry a big part of this burden. Even dogs regress when they know they look stupid.

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MMayes said...

Good thing the American men dropped their baton. Probably better than the embarrassing ass-whooping they'd have taken in the finals.