Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Iron Ref Round 8

Week 8 of Iron Ref begins today. We submit to you 3 more celeblogebrities who have agreed to brave HHR's Kitsch-en Stadium.

But first, the secret ingredient is...



Sean Leahy is one of the few American hockey fans remaining, while a die-hard "puck daddy", he works for a soccer team (go figure). You may know him from Going Five Hole and Yahoo! Sports, but you might also know him as the guy outside your bedroom window peering from the bushes. He supports the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Yankees, Giants, the Knicks (only when they have sufficient cap space), and "No Pants Sunday's". He utterly despises Curt Schilling, strawberry ice cream, and pants.

Rupert Entwistle enjoys burritos. Not like those bullshit Chipotle or Qdoba burritos, but robust sloppy ones oozing with melted cheese and smothered in delicous green chile sauce. While he enjoys steak and the occasional pork burrito, pulled chicken is his first love. The salsa should be made with fresh tomatoes and vegetables, not that roasted crap that can sits on the shelf for 6 months at a time. Also, he writes for the Ghosts of Wayne Fontes, Glide Magazine - Hidden Track, and Epic Carnival. Rumor has it, he writes some other stuff under his real name, but you'll never find it.

Back from his St. John's Sabbatical, Spencer Kyte once again resides in Ontario and has given himself the title of Canadian Bureau Chief since he's the only Canuck among the crew. When not opining about the Blue Jays and all things baseball, Kyte is a freelance writer who operates the blog I Blog Because I Can and writes for numerous Canadian publications including Trot Magazine, Canadian Sports Magazine and Passion Magazine. Outside of writing, he spends his time planning his wedding with his fiancee Sarah, hanging out with his dog Cool Hand Luke and cooking.

Look to see what they cook up with this week's theme Wednesday morning.

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