Saturday, October 11, 2008

CR Dunbar: Goodbye My Dear Friend

Standing courageously in front of me, you know as well as I do that your time here draws near. My heart breaks knowing that you will no longer be with me.

You have been by my side for some great times. Memories that will be with me when it is my time to go. You were there when the Tigers went to the World Series, we watched together Matt Millen destroy a respectable franchise and you celebrated with me at this time last year Curlin’s victory at the Breeders’ Cup that won us the Pick 3. Do you remember that?

You opened the world to me. You took me on adventures in every corner of the world. You opened my eyes to see the slow spiral of society into the proverbial gutter. We started at the Real World Las Vegas and will end with I Love Money. Remember when that lady defecated herself on national TV on Flavor of Love and when naked Vern Troyer pissed everywhere on the Surreal Life? Remember? We laughed and laughed. I miss those times.

I see you staring at me with your blinking, puppy dog eye. I need to write this letter to deal with the pain. I have no other way of telling you how much you have been a part of my life.

This has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!?? I mean, you changed. Really, now that I think of it, ever since the baby came. Is that it? Are you mad that I spend more time with him now? That I can’t spend five hours with you every night and 12 on the weekends? Is that what this is about? You have to understand that times change. You of all people should know about that.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop. Maybe I am too emotional. It just isn’t a good time for me for you to go. With everything that is going on and half of my wealth evaporated in the past two week, it’s tough to deal with.

I know you wouldn’t do this purposely. I researched it. I tried to find a cure. Your body’s failure is not your fault. It’s Japan’s fault. Just like the Avian Flu and West Nile Virus, it was imported. You were never equipped to succeed.

I will miss you friend. But please rest assured that I will never try to replace you with someone from the Sony family.

RIP, 2002 – 2008, irreplaceable red bulb.


DCScrap said...

I lost a friend very similar to that about a month or so ago. He was only 5. so sad.

DCScrap said...

By the way, his name was Philips. I have a new friend named Vizio now though and he seems nice.