Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pick It Up, Guys! You're Making Me Look Bad!

After being trounced by Florida 65-3 this past Saturday, the University of Kentucky football team announced yesterday that QB Mike Hartline had lost his starting job to freshman phenom Randall Cobb.

This move shouldn’t have caught anyone off guard – UK’s offensive unit is lifeless, averaging only 14.25 points per game in SEC play. Hartline hasn’t done much to help his own cause either – against the Gators, he completed 7 of 13 passes for just 33 yards. He did throw one TD pass, but he threw it to the wrong team – his interception to start the second half was returned 40 yards for a Florida score.

Understandably, it is frustrating for any athlete to come to grips that they’re losing playing time, especially at a position as high-profile as QB. One thing is for sure, however: Hartline is definitely not hiding his frustration over the demotion. From the Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader:

"I'm disappointed. It stinks. You don't ever expect to win the starting job and then lose it because the guys around you aren't performing the way they should."

I’m not sure how well liked Hartline is within his own locker room, but I’m going to venture a guess that his reaction hasn’t won him any new fans among his peers.

In the meantime, I’m proposing a new helmet sticker for the Wildcat players who still are on the field.

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Doobie said...

Wasn't Randall Cobb the Lone Biker of the Apocalypse in "Raising Arizona"?