Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ren: Now I Can Die In Peace

People ask me how I feel. Congratulatory texts flooded my phone from friends across the country. I'm almost 30. I live in an area smack between the New York and Philly media markets. for 29 years I've worn a Phillies hat and was greeted by "Phillies suck" by Yankee fans. It doesn't feel bad. That I can tell you.

I have to say- throughout the Series, I felt more confident in Victorino-Feliz-Ruiz at the plate than I did anyone at the top of the lineup. Clearly, Buck and McCarver watched a different Series than I did.

I called my father in the 8th inning. He let me know, "Yeah, now Lidge is going to have his let me walk two batters and give you a heart attack inning."

He was close.

After the game-winning strikeout, I jumped off the couch and for some reason started teeing off on it Balboa-in-the-meat-locker-style, before Ariel tackled me the way Howard did Lidge & Ruiz and planted one on me.

Then I just sat there and took it in.

And by "it" I mean the post-game tomfoolery.

Let's recap...

Welcome Ken Rosenthal to the 'Dumb F*cking Question After a Sporting Event' Hall of Fame

Rosenthal: "Brad, you were perfect all season, how did you do it?"
Lidge (via Fat Willard): "Um, well on April 7th, I struck out the side against the Marlins. Then on April 8th, I threw an 0-2 curve to Hanley Ramirez for a double you have time, this could take a while."

Not to be outdone, the greatest 'Dumb F*cking Question After a Sporting Event' icon, Peter Gammons, had this doozie...

Gammons: "Did you shout when you got that final out?"
Lidge: "What?"
Gammons: "Did you shout when you got that final out?"
Lidge: "I don't know what I did. I dropped to my knees."
Ren: "Peter, did you watch the f*cking game?"
Ariel: "What a stupid question."

Ariel: "Utley sounds like he just did 4 lines of coke."

Never seen Uncle Charlie so happy before.

Pat Burrell dropped the "Shit" bomb on Channel 2 in a post-game interview in the locker room. I'm really going to miss him.

Greg Dobbs will undoubtedly be sitting next to Mitch Williams and Ricky Botalico when he retires in the Comcast studio. In between hitting on the NBC blonde female reporter, he was definitely auditioning for a broadcasting career.

And then I just watched the riotous crowd. Thanked God I wasn't 21 anymore, and began mentally preparing myself for tomorrow's parade.

One last thing...For all the hype that the Rays got, and maybe, maybe rightfully so, they almost blew the series with the Sox and lost 4 of 5 to the Phillies. Get off their nuts.

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