Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Heisman Trophy Up For Grabs

As the talk of who will win this year's Heisman begins to ramp up, a trophy from yesteryear will again be sold. As the LA Time's chronicles, former USC great and NFL veteran Charles White will see his Heisman trophy sold, yet again, at an upcoming auction. White got involved with drugs during his NFL career (which faded short of a decade) and had to sell his Heisman years ago to help settle tax problems. He is a divorced father of five and greatly needed the money. Since that initial selling, which fetched around 184 grand, it was sold again for nearly 300 thousand dollars.

One has to wonder what it might go for this time. As it turns out, Heisman trophy winners these days are forced to sign documents saying they will not sell their trophy. This of course makes those out there much more valuable. According to the article, White says he's not upset he has sold the trophy, and is curious what it will net this time around. With just six Heisman trophies on record as being sold - including the infamous OJ Simpson trophy - it should probably fetch some pretty good coin even in this economic downturn.

One of the interesting things about the Heisman is that might it might be the most coveted individual award. You don't see anyone kicking in doors for the Maurice Podoloff Trophy given to the NBA MVP, the NFL has too many different people giving out MVPs for anyone to know what is what, and the NHL MVP (Conn Smythe Award), which looks like something that should be given to a top botanist, doesn't seem to get all that much play, either. Perhaps these others trophies need a redesign or more hype to align them in Heisman territory. Regardless, somebody is about to open their wallet big to get one and they probably never played a down.

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