Sunday, November 16, 2008

Diary of a Mad Mo

The first sign of manhood and the watermark. Your definition establishes character throughout the universe of man.

Today marks your midlife crisis. As your bearer, your pride and fears percolate at my lips sending roots throughout my body.

You're the cock of the walk. The center of conversation. But you are used to being in the center of things.

You know your power. Your malleable abilities made Ben Stiller a multi-movie star. You can transform the most destitute, sheltered blogger into the next Mystery.

But with all your valor, you have doubts. I can smell them.

As a small startup things were exciting. You were receiving support from all directions and kept growing from a solid foundation. But now look at you. The honeymoon is over, you're an established enterprise.

Decisions need to be made. Do you roam free with no management like the Cincinnati Bengals or is it time to institute a strict Yankee's policy? Are you ready to be introduced to the boss? You've been able to play it cool, but this week things change.

Like a poker player, your boldness may be your weakness.

You put an elegant smile on my face. Is that enough for your uninterrupted growth, the introduction of management or a new startup?

The questions swirl. Your life feels in limbo. The pride, assertiveness yet doubt.

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Mo Dunbar

Mo Woody

Mo McCormack

Mo chief (is sad)

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