Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Project Mayhem

Our good friends at WhoDeyRevolution have advanced to step 2 of their plot to disrupt Mike Brown's reign over the lowly Cincinnati Bengals.

WDR has purchased four billboards around Cincinnati, asking that the Bengals finally hire a real General Manger.

They are asking for you to donate $18 using Paypal - or $1 for each year of Mike Brown's ownership of the team. "Just think how much of your money Mike Brown has buried in a tin can in his backyard (he doesn't trust those new fancy "banks") and contribute to a cause that is working to take back our team."

Whether you are a Bungals fan or not, you have to appreciate fans take to their own means to advance the success of their team.

HHR will contribute $18 for that very reason.

1 comment:

sportsb*tch said...

amazing. wonder what would happen if we tried this in oakland. hmmm...