Sunday, November 30, 2008

Skins honor their thug, Giants move on without theirs

Almost a year ago today I wrote: "As the sports world spends the day mourning the passing of Sean Taylor, my family and I spent the holiday weekend mourning the passing of a close relative, a WWII veteran and great man in our lives. While our idolization of sports stars and celebrities helps us to escape from the reality of our lives, in honesty, it is just that - a fantasy."

This morning, Outside the Lines, in the wake of the latest Plax Burress fiasco, featured its look on "Athletes and Guns."

Ironically, among the incidents mentioned in the ESPN piece was the 2005 Sean Taylor gun charges.

Hours later the Washington Redskins, as so many in the nation's capital are fond of doing, re-wrote history. More specifically, they propagated that aformentioned fantasy, as they inducted the gun-waving, sobriety test-failing, Michael Pittman-spitting Meast into their Ring of Honor, which "which honors those who have made distinguished contributions to the team."

Sure, it's a shame that a man who rarely flaunted his wealth, had few enemies and hung with a pristine crowd was the target of a totally "random" robbery.

But does untimely death negate every bad deed, every low-class action and socially harmful behavior a person commits enough to create the bullshit assertion that this person deserves to be honored in the most reverant way the team has?

What does that say about the organization and the fans that support it?

Mourn Taylor, don't honor his deeds.


Jericho said...

While Taylor was far from perfect, he's also a far cry from some of the worst offenders in the NFL. Heck, even the gun charge was for brandishing a gun after people stole ATVs from his property. That's not the most horrible thing. I don't have a problem for a team honoring a player that was very good on the field and died tragically off it. He certainly wasn't a Pac-Man Jones or T.O. type, and by all accounts was a good teammate.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Thats a fair argument. I was a little put off though over the preachiness on Fox how Plax and Taylor were the two main storylines, but as much as they admonished Plax's wrongdoings, they never equated the similarities in the off field behavior despite the apparent similar issues (namely guns) between the 2.

Chris Mottram said...

Congrats, you managed to take what Wilbon wrote about Taylor a year ago and make it even more ignorant. I didn't know that was possible. Well done.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

We deify this guy because he could hit like a Mack truck? Tragic, yes, but no reason to be celebratory. Pat Tillman he was not.

Illuminati said...

The guy has an entire section in Wikipedia for 'controversies.'

Honor his untimely and tragic death. Fine. Retire his number? Sure. Put him in a 'Ring of Honor' with men who played the game correctly and kept their nose semi-clean. Nah, no reason.

Even some Skins fan feel it wasn't necessary.

MoonDog said...

You stirred it up with this one. I like that. I agree the guy's death was unfortunate, but at the end of the day it was a case of "if you play the piper, you have to pay the piper."