Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ESPN's Greatest Fear Realized

Earlier today at Shutdown Corner, MJD made a compelling argument as to how safe a gun makes anyone, using Plaxico Burress' situation as an example. I would extend his argument and say now we are all in danger, because now we have the sum of all fears: Armed sports bloggers.

Nestled in at the bottom of a Plaxico post on The Big Lead, I noticed a "full disclosure", that is unsettling at best.
* Full disclosure: After years of being completely anti-gun, we flip-flopped and bought a gun several months ago. Mostly as a hedge against armageddon. Enter laugh here. No carry permit yet.
Katie bar the door, them bloggers has guns. The ironic part is of course strapped sports bloggers will clearly lead to said armageddon.

And TBL, I'm pretty sure you don't need a carry permit for a Maverick, so you can probably take that thing out whenever you need to.

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