Monday, December 29, 2008

McNabb's Post-Game Passive Aggressive Jabs at Philly Fans

Nice win, Donovan. But after all these years, you just don't get it.

I should have been enjoying today. But you just had to take your shots didn't you? And you just don't grasp the fact that if you are half the player you think you are, you'd learn how to play like it...consistently (and maybe with a little humility?).

"They've (critics) thrown me out, they ran over me, spit on me…but you know what…I just continue to prevail."

All this time while you were wishing for a #1 receiver, we were wishing for a #1 quarterback.

Sure, bask in the glory of your victory yesterday. The stars aligned and it was a thing of beauty.

But make no bones about it - you had no business being there. In large part because of your play specifically.

McNabb "prevailing" yesterday.

So while you rub it in the face of your "naysayers" and "detractors" in yesterday's post-game presser, thank your old buddy Jeff Garthia for shitting the bed against a 4-win Oakland team to erase the blunders of your inexcusable tie against the Bungles, and for failing to show up half the year.

Yeah, I hope the Birds go far in the playoffs. But I won't hold my breath and I probably won't miss you when you're gone.

Choice words from McNabb via

On reading his critics and the revival of his game this season: "No. I've been kind of revived I guess. They've (critics) thrown me out, they ran over me, spit on me…but you know what…I just continue to prevail. I just continue to keep my chin high…stay positive, and just make sure that guys in this locker room understand that if given the opportunity…that we will take full advantage of it. Knowing that last week just wasn't us, and if anything worked in our favor, with all these scenarios, that I would not let them down."

On keeping his head up through all the adversity: "You know what…I think it's easier now, and I say that because I've been through those types of experiences for years. I think when you go through something for the first or second time; you don't know how to handle it. But me being apart of something like that, and it happens, over, and over, and over again…the way that I continue to show that it never affects me, is by just going out and doing my job."

On getting tired of hearing the negative talk: "We're human beings, you get tired of it, but you never let them see you sweat. And you never show that it bothers you because you kill them with kindness, and when you kill them with kindness and you go out and you do your job, people understand that it never really affects you."


Reverend Paul Revere said...

You gotta admit, while he is sensitive and may not understand the fans, he gets bashed harder than any other player in Philly. Remember, he went to 4 NFC Championships and a Super Bowl. He's a better player than some fans give him credit for. And he was talking about the critics just like he said … not the people who pull for him.

I will say this though, a man making $100 mill shouldn't give two shits about what fans say.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

It's not just that. He's not the same player he was 5 years ago.

But here's the thing - you put upu 40-plus on the Cowboys and no ones crying about a lack of playmakers -because its not those around him that need to produce - its him. And when he does, you get the results you see yesterday.

That said, he's never made a single person around him better. And he doesnt need to - he just needs to play how hes capabale in a consistent manner.

As for the "critics" - who is he referring to if not the fans?

Reverend Paul Revere said...

the media as well. and he never made anyone better? really? Owens had his best season of his career with McNabb. Duce Staley had his best seasons with McNabb. Hell, even as bad as Stinkston and Trash were, their best seasons were with McNabb. He made Chad Lewis a Pro Bowler. Shit, how about Kevin Curtis last year? I don't know, those guys all played the best in their careers with McNabb. Seems like he helped make them better just like they helped make him better.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

And I agree that when he plays well the Eagles can do well … but if you think he still has playmakers beyond Westbrook and DeSean, you are fooling yourself.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

you contradict yourself. what does he need weapons for if he can elevate those around him? chicken or the egg.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

that's not contradicting myself at all. He's won without weapons but had his best season with weapons. Just because you can make players better doesn't mean you don't need good players to win. I'm confused by that argument altogether. you're saying one player doesn't need any other good players to win? please explain. It sounds to me like you're saying the Eagles can be as good with Todd Pinkston and James Thrash as they could be with Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald as long as McNabb plays his best. Where's the logic in that, exactly?