Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HHR Hugs it Out [1.27.09]

Top 10 Worst Super Bowl MVPs (Real Clear Sports)

Lego athletes... including Giambi's golden thong (Red Sox Monster)

Scoop: Jessica Simpson Joins A Gym (with Chubby-Chaser Tony Romo) (Dallas Basketball)

Braylon Was Just Following Bill's Footsteps (Waiting for next year)

Painted and Pregnant: A photo gallery tribute (Afro Jacks)

Meet the 2008-09 Toronto Raptors Dance Pak (Cuzoogle)

Cross Gender Superheroes? (Gunaxin)

Morgan Freeman REALLY Hates Black History Month (YepYep)

WWE’s Perfect Maryse Ouellet Shows Off Flawless Cast (Banned In Hollywood)

You, The Reader, Will Decide How We Choose The Field Of 32 Thighs (Sharapova’s Thigh)

Insanely Detailed Etch-A-Sketch Portraits (The Bachelor Guy)

Happy Birthday Eva Padberg! (MoonDog Sports)

Cheerleader caught in awkward position (The World of Isaac)

Jessica Simpson May Have Eaten The Chili Cook Off (The Beer Goggler)

I’m just a simple man (This is Illuminati)

This dog will rip your face off for cupcakes (Brahsome)

Most people go to college for 6 years… Yeah, they’re called quarterbacks (Observation Bubble)

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