Friday, February 6, 2009

Because "Bristol" Just Won't Cut It

Upon seeing this epic name fail, I had to know if this was an isolated incident; perhaps a glitch of some kind in an aggregator gone awry. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are people, nay, parents who are naming their kids after the four-letter.

I'm not sure what was going on in 2005, but how it jumped several thousand spots in these completely arbitrary rankings will probably always remain a mystery. Clearly the lack of little "ESPN's" in 2008 has something to do with the quality of the network. Personally I'm blaming it on bass-ackward Page 2 redesigns and the "Who's Now" that were more forced than a hot gravel enema.

Now this website suggests other names such as Remington, and Espen, but if you are going to name your kid in homage to the WWL, you might as well make it a little more specific, right? My suggestions for parents-to-be:

  • Woop! (unisex)

Yeah, that's about it. You got ideas? Let's hear 'em.

UPDATE: So apparently Sarah Palin actually went the Bristol route. The potential VP of the United States named her daughter after ESPN. There are. No. Words. (via Wonkette)

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Matt said...

Something sounds fishy about Sarah Palin's story. The story used to be that she was named after Bristol Bay in Alaska.

sportsb*tch said...

ew. i just puked in my mouth a little.