Monday, February 2, 2009

HHR Hugs it Out [2.02.09]

Murder plot: Who killed Wally the Green Monster? (Red Sox Monster)

Is Bob Hayes’ ‘Sister’ Conning The Cowboys, The Hall Of Fame And The NFL? (Dallas Basketball)

It's February 2nd, Welcome to hell sports fans (Legend of Cecilio Guante)

AZ Residents Fed Hardcore Porn During Super Bowl XLII By Comcast (Banned In Hollywood)

Sexiest Super Bowl XLIII Commercials (Gunaxin)

2009 Tattoo fad prediction: The bacon band tattoo(Afro Jacks)

Here comes The Hulk (and he brought rope!) (Gadjunk)

The Ultimate Hilarity Post (YepYep)

Top 12 Most Inspirational Pep Talks of All Time (The Bachelor Guy)

Happy Birthday Isla Fisher (MoonDog Sports)

Michael Phelps cleans his bong with chlorine (Brahsome)

Redneck tries to sell a 1974 original K.I.S.S. tour shirt to a bunch of hippies in line for Phish tickets (Observation Bubble)

Faye Reagan & Holly Webster Probably Want Some Privacy (The Beer Goggler)

Bruce Springsteen puts his crotch on the camera (The World of Isaac)

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