Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HHR Hugs it Out [2.04.09]

To Sign Or Not To Sign, That Is The Question (Sports Agent Blog)

The Best Of The Buckeye Football Blotter (G Money Sack)

Garnett, Jeter, Monty Python Gatorade ad, Must See (NESW Sports)

Torre talks about his book (Sports Radio Interviews)

I was molested by decals as a child (Gadjunk)

Odds For Which Model Will Land SI Swimsuit Cover (YepYep)

What the hell is Grimace? (Gunaxin)

Don’t let your perverted mind take control (Afrojacks)

The “Play with Your Wii on VDay” Giveaway. Yup. Giving away a Wii. (The Bachelor Guy)

What’s The Big Deal About Phelps Smoking Weed? (MoonDog Sports)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to be Syndicated (Sharapova’s Thigh)

Cheerleader Caption Contest (The World of Isaac)

Enhance your vocab with some new lingo from the Brahsome Dictionary (Brahsome)

“Pair of pants, a stupid story, a huge markup. I can do that.” (Observation Bubble)

Evelyn Lory Could Cause A Cardiopulmonary Arrest…(The Beer Goggler)

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