Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HHR Hugs it Out [2.25.09]

Megan Fox Finally Broke Up With David Silver! (Sharapova’s Thigh)

99 Words for Boobs (Gunaxin)

Adrianna Lima Already Pregnant? (MoonDog Sports)

One lion away from forming Craptron (gadjunk)

A reality show hybrid (This is Illuminati)

Short Bus Field Trip (YepYep)

Hey A-Roid, This is How an Apology Should Go (The Bachelor Guy)

…awful (The World of Isaac)

Shana Prevette Is A Harley Davidson Riding Fox (The Beer Goggler)

The government couldn’t even bailout a whore house (Brahsome)

This guy loves his boogers (Blog of Hilarity)

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